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The RE5 Weber Manifold is in stock and ready for sale.

I know sometimes it takes time for us to get various products either in stock or machined up for sale. So having that in mind, Russell Engineering is working to have more products ready for sale without delay. This is good, as it means more time for a culpa and a bikkie.

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The RE5 Webber manifold is actually a 5.5″ Inlet Manifold designed to use with a 45mm weber. It can be used for a 40mm as well, but best with a 45mm. The inlet manifold is an easy way to gain a few HP for the A-Series. You can have a bit of a read over the small bore articles to get a better understanding on how and why.

As you can see, we have plenty in stock and ready to go. So Contact us to grab yourself one. Of course you can also ask us about all our otherĀ products as well.

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